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zkSync community interview:Japanese moderator Takeshi

zkSync community interview:Japanese moderator Takeshi

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As part of the zkSync community effort, I interviewed Takeshi, a Japanese moderator of zkSync, who is one of the leading web3 contributors in Japan.

Thank you Takeshi for taking the time to talk to us 🤩

It was very interesting and I hope that all members of the community who read it will engage in every effort to help zkSync achieve further development in web3 in a free contributing environment.

❓ You mentioned that you are one of the leading web3 workers in Japan. Tell us how your path to web3 began and how did you progress along it?

At first I traded on Forex and also was a HR manager at an operating company. While researching various new technologies, I fell in love with the innovation of Ethereum and immerse into the web3 space. From there, I’ve been involved in spreading the word about the great projects and technologies in web3 to Japan, involving the best developers and users of Japan. My first project was Ocean Protocol, and since then I have managed many Japanese communities such as Solana, Avalanche, and The Graph.

❓ How did you find out about zkSync and what attracted you to this project?

I created the zkSync Japan account on Twitter in April 2021, so I have been involved with zkSync for over two years now. I have a record of depositing 1 ETH into the zkSync v1 Wallet Portal during the same period. When I found out about zkSync, I know the slow processing and high cost of Ethereum was (and still is) an issue at the time. There was definitely a high need for zkSync’s solution. I really like technology of using zero-knowledge proofs to solve the problem mathematically.

❓ Tell us about your development in the zkSync project — how did you become a moderator, how did you get the role of zkStar?

When I launched zkSync Japan two years ago, of course zkSync didn’t yet have a sufficient community management system in place, so I continued to work as “unofficial” on translating articles and sharing information in Japanese while talking with the Matter Labs team. I am aware that my steady and continuous efforts were highly appreciated and led me to become a moderator and zkStar. I guess curiosity led to action to learn, sharing of learning led to contribution, continuous contribution led to trust, and trust led to my current role.

❓ Continue the sentence: “zkStar is…”

I think zkStar is a role model for the community in everything it does. Of course I am not perfect, nor do I need to be. It is important to use your strengths and skills to contribute the best you can. Different members of our community complement each other that we become a near-perfect community.

❓ A standard question, but it is much appreciated by members of our community: How to get the coveted zkStar role, how difficult is it, how long will it take? What advice would you give to beginners?

This is a standard and difficult question. I think the key is not to aim to become a zkStar, but to keep thinking and doing what is necessary for the organic development of zkSync and its community. zkStar is only the result of such efforts. It may also be necessary to have the mindset that the greatest reward is one’s own growth through contribution, rather than aiming for tokens or other short-cut rewards. “The best reward for work done is a new work”.

❓ Let’s talk a little bit about the zkSync community. Do you think the project has a strong community at the moment? Or can something be improved?

While numerically a strong community has been created, there is certainly a significant “Expectations for Token Airdrop” force at play. The community management structure of zkSync is still developing, and there is a lot that can be improved. The community will still need to conduct educational activities (holding events, creating educational materials). There is no end to improvements until we get a billion people around the world using zkSync’s solutions first.

❓ Imagine if you were speaking on behalf of the zkSync team, what would you say to the community members?

I would not say anything great. The development team, zkStar, and everyone in the community are all on a level playing field. Again, let’s take advantage of the bumpiness of each person’s different skills and characteristics and connect them like a puzzle to create a great and best work as a whole community!

❓ Since almost everything on web3 is anonymous, we want to get to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself, where you live, your hobbies, how you like to spend your time. In general, do whatever you feel you need to do

I feel that in the context of anonymity and zero knowledge, it is not desirable to explain too much about me personally… Well, I actually have been interviewed and blabbed about myself 🙂

I live in Japan. My hobby is watching soccer (the team I support recently won the Asian Club Championship). My work is also my hobby, and perhaps my favorite way to spend my time is researching the web3 space, consulting with young developers, and planning future events.

❓ Please tell us about your ideal day?

I wake up at 5:00 am and finish all routine tasks in the morning. In the afternoon, I use the time flexibly for learning, planning, and meetings with various organizations. I don’t forget to do jump rope exercises (it refreshes me without using up any place time). In my experience, rather than taking various actions while seeking change every day, a steady, daily routine of a predetermined routine will result in a greater change. And, it is easier to notice the daily changes in yourself and the world. In other words, that is the ideal way to spend a day.

❓ “Think Globally, Act Locally” — Is that your motto? Tell us more? I really like it!

I believe that the web3 philosophy can be summed up as “individual sovereignty”. This means that more importance will be placed on the contributions and activities of each individual based on his or her own characteristics. The aggregate of these will form projects and communities that will change global values and create a driving force for great change and progress that is decentralized and without any particular centralized power. To put this into perspective for me, it means thinking about what is needed from a global perspective and taking actions that can be taken from Japan to achieve this. On a more micro level, I would consider the development of zkSync as a major perspective, and do what I can as an individual to contribute to that end.

✍️ Blitz survey:

  1. How much time a day do you spend in Discord?
    I think it’s about an hour a day. But I don’t slack off: in addition to moderating on Discord, I also spend time moderating articles and product displays into Japanese, managing/administering content on Twitter, Medium, Link3, etc., and meeting with the media and related projects
  2. What is the most popular question for beginners in the Japanese regional chat?
    What makes zkSync different from other L2 projects?
  3. What is your favorite national tradition?
    A culture that values civility as represented by bowing “ojigi”
  4. What do you like for breakfast?
    I don’t eat breakfast. This is because I start working without interruption at 5:30 a.m. and I don’t want to lose my concentration.
  5. If you had the opportunity to learn anything in half an hour, what would you learn?
    English conversation
  6. List 5 countries that you would like to visit?
    USA, China, Turkey, India, Kenya
  7. List your advantages?
    Optimistic, Never-give-up spirit, Insight
  8. Have you listed your disadvantages?
    Reckless behavior
  9. What would you spend $1 million on?
    Continue to fund promising projects as before and contribute to the success of those projects
  10. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
    I’m almost the only Japanese who is fully committed to Web3 in a freelance capacity and nurturing my family. I’m a Web3 Worker.


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